March 19, 2018


I was not present there in Panjim but seeing the pictures in the TV, it looked to me that hell was opened  there for the Goa Police to do what they want without any compassion for the innocent persons just standing there,  I cannot understand why Police resorted to the Lathi Charge even against those few who were not involved in any confrontation.

During the Janata Party rule, there was a morcha organized by the opposition instigated by the architect of the emergency rule, i.e. Indira Ghandi who was out of power then.  Morarji Desai in capacity as premier of India gave an instruction to the Police “not to raise and use your Lathis against the demonstrators unless they confront you physically” and stressing more upon the Police force to take maximum care to avoid the use of lathis.  And if you see, the demonstration went on smoothly because the Police force ignored even the major provocation.  I feel if the Government had to instruct the Goa Police force to be more careful then things would not have reached to this miserable end. The rage of Police force was so brutal to beat the people mostly those who were not involved in confronting the Police that it looked these Policemen are come from the jungle and they not civilized but like barberians.  

Once it happened in the occupied Jerusalem in Palestine when unarmed Palestinians were assaulted by the Israeli Jewish Police.  Within 48 hours some Palestinians who were assaulted earlier by the Jewish Police, caught 5 Jewish Policemen who 48 hours before involved in beating the Palestinians, in civilian clothes after their duty hours without weapons in their hands and took them to some lonely place and assaulted them so much that their mutilated bodies were seen floating in the sea after a week.  Just because they got the order for using Lathis the policemen cannot act like wild animals. First they are human beings and for that matter they are civilized human beings and then they are Policemen and for that matter they are not wild animals and not barbarians. Such a barbarity was not even committed by the Portuguese.  Precisely because of this Jayprakash Narain called upon Indian Police force not to blindly follow the instruction of Indira Gandhi and act brute.

Secondly, the Chief Minister cum Home Minister of Goa Parricar is sleeping on his sick bed in America and Goa like an orphan is neglected. At moment orphans are better looked after by their guardians but Goa is totally neglected leading to total chaos. It is surprising why Parricar is reluctant to hand over his power to somebody in his Cabinet.  Or is he afraid of any mischief on the part of his follower?  May be because he knows all those who supported him from outside in the formation of his government are first class crooks and traitors. And because they are so genuinely, they abandoned their earlier promises.  Why meantime Parricar is suffering?  Is it the punishment for him from God for harassing the minority community like Christians who are a very peace loving community in India?

This incident occurred somewhere in 1957 when some Taxi drivers joined together and shouting slogans marched towards Governor’s residence.  From distant the Governor saw them and sent his Secretary to talk to them and the reason for their marching to him.  When the Governor got their message, he immediately sent them back with his one SENTENCE saying “I will solve your problem of giving you suitable parking place for your cars within 48 hours”.  And as a matter of fact he fulfilled his promise. 

In India in general and in Goa in particular there is no commitment for our leaders, these leaders of ours are kiddy and as such they don’t want to solve the people’s problem leading the people to come on to the street.  It is a pity that unless we come on to the street none of our problems are solved  This is because or leaders are not fit to be the leaders but they are fit only to rob the people by extracting money from them by selling public services.   
A.Veronica Fernandes.

March 18, 2018



In my village too much of illegal structures are coming up from the migrants and the village Panchayat under the current Sarpanch looks like ignoring this development. While entering the Araddy road from the main road, there is one BUND which was the traditional way for the people to walk. The owner of this Bund has rented this Bund for one migrant who converted it into  a workshop and built small - small settlement there like ZOPOTTPOTTIS. It is now two years that locals in the Gram Sabas raising this issue but the answer of the Sarpanch is  “we are going to dismantle it or demolishing it”.  Even the local MLA assured that he will arrange to dismantle it but up to now nothing is happening and on top of it the migrant occupying those huts already got water and electricity connections.  These connections are not possible without the help of the local Panchayat. People are talking that the migrant must have paid heavy bribe to the Panchayat to get him both the vital connections. If this is the case, can anyone trust the Sarpanch?  The truth must come out either from the Sarpanch or MLA who gave "bonddolam" to the villagers.  

It is a hard fact that the locals in Candolim have realised that the elected representatives are not to be trusted anymore.  They are interested only in filling their pockets. Otherwise, how they become crorepotis within a short time?  What was their financial standing at the time of joining the politics and now?  

                                     Seen above are the Zopottpottis erected by the migrant                          
Another few more Zopottpottis

One more view of the Zopottpottis.

In Candolim there are many hotels come up.  Before issuing licences to these hoteliers the local Panchayat must make sure that there is sufficient place allocated for the car parking.  There are hotels in Candolim where the Hoteliers have bypassed  this condition, because of this lot of inconvenience are occurring to the commuters and vehicular traffic on the main road in front of these hotels because the Cars engaged with these hotels are parked on the main road.  

Because of this lot of accidents are occuring.  The two zones where this provision was not done are, one at Ximer and the other opposite to the Azilo.  Why and for what reason these hotels ignored the Car Parking provision?  The simple reason according to some locals was that the Hoteliers have bribed the local Panchayat to ignore this provision. Bribe money for few and inconvenience for the public?  This is the reason that today's Sarpanches are minting money thru bribe taking and thus the Sarpanches build Bungalows and own Restaurant and Hotels.  These Sarpanchas and other Panch members are not even ashamed to mix up in society.  They are so shameless that even they are not afraid to come to the Church and receive the holy communion.  

In the following photos one can see some cars of the hotels parked in the area not belonged to the Hoteliers nor to the Panchayat. It is to be seen who is going to usurp this land - Panchayat or Hoteliers.  
                                          Seen above are vehicles engaged with the Hotel

                                            Another view of  the vehicles parked

A.Veronica Fernandes.

March 16, 2018


FINALLY IT was yet again proved that “Dust you are and unto dust you will return”.  The body of Xavier Mendes was interred today at Mapusa Cemetery after the Mass at 10.00 held at the Mapusa Church where innumerable people attended the service before going to the Cemetery for the burial. There were many Kuwaitcars who came even from distant places to attend the funeral besides many Tiatrists, namely Joe Rose, Wilmix & Sharon, Platilda, Jessie, Josephine, Cyriaco Dias, Dost Kumar, Felix Mendes (avier's elder brother)etc.

Herebelow from my Album File, I got some photographs of Mendes Bros. clicked in Kuwait during their participation in our Tiatros, Musical Shows and other activities.  Since Xavier Mendes was involved more in the community affairs his attachment to me was more.

It was their entry in Kuwait and thereby their participation in our Tiatros in Kuwait that that created a strong base for our Tiatros.  The standard of Tiatros in Kuwait was enhanced due to their participation because they have given a better touch to our Tiatros.  All the three brothers shouldered the major responsibility of any Tiatro they participated.The decent and serious role was played by the elder brother Felix while the fabulous comedy role was played by both the younger brothers Xavier and Derrick.

In any Tiatro they participated, they used to sing two trios, one decent and the other comedy. They were so "lokh priya" that their entry itself was fabulously applauded by the audience.  The greater part of the beauty of their acting and singing was very much missed in Goa because during their peak form when they were very ripe, they left for Kuwait where they have fabulously entertained the Kuwait audience. The first Tiatro that they have participated in Kuwait as Mendes Bros. was somewhere in 1977 at Keefan Hall attended by the hall packed audience. This Tiatro was staged by Jennifer Rodrigues brother  of Carmo Rod.         

May the soul of Xavier Mendes  Rest In Peace.   
Mendes Bros. singing their famous song MAE whom they loved too much.
Seen in the middle is Xavier.

Again they are seen singing in one of our Tiatros.  Xavier in the middle.

Xavier as Chief Guest presenting the Memento to Marcus Vaz in Kuwait.
To the extreme right seated is his beloved wife Theresa.

During our Mando festival in Kuwait, Xavier at extreme left conducting one Mando item.  

Mendes Bros. singing their trio during our Musical Show.  Xavier is seen in the middle.

Xavier at left seen acting along with Joana and Anthony San.
Seen all the three Mendes Bros. at extreme right where Xavier seen in the middle, during one of our Musical Shows at the Indian Embassy Auditorium.