July 16, 2018


They came to Russia last month as nobody without the celebrities like Platini – Tigana – Guiresse -  Zidane and others but while going they gone not like nobody but as somebody, as heroes of the World’s greatest single sporting event that is as Champions of the current Foot-ball World Cup, held in Russia where records were equaled.  For example the Team Manager of France Didier became one more person in the history of this  tournament winning  two Gold Medals both as captain of the French team in 1998 that won the World Cup FOR France  and also as Manager of this World Cup 18. Earlier Mario Zagallo of Brazil and Franz Backenbeur of Germany held this record though Mario Zallo won as a player twice in 1958 and 1962 and not as a captain and as a Manager in 1970.

The second record to equal in this tournament was by the Baby Boy of the tournament Mbappe when he scored a goal for his  winning team that is the current French Team just as  the great Brazilian Pele did for his World Champion Brazil squad in 1958 when Pele who was just 17 then while Mbappe was 19. The goal the French Baby Boy scored in this tournament was a powerful shot scored from  the edge of the box while the goal the Brazilian Baby Boy Pele scored was very classical from inside the box when he halted the ball on his chest and from there he lowered it to his foot and hit the ball into the opponent net from close range. 

Yet another new record was created by the agile forward of Croatia Mario Mandzukic when he scored a own goal the first of its kind in the history of World Cup.

I have been watching thru TV the World Cup-ball Tournaments regularly since 1978  but never I found the level of this tournament as high as it was this time.  Every team played a very high standard soccer, the so called minnows became the giant killers sending the so called giants back home prematurely, some of the so called giants were consigned to the dustbins even closing them the entry into this tournament by denying them qualifying in the final 32. Where  did the mighty Italy gone?  Why  another powerhouse Holland failed to qualify?

The days of taking things for granted are over, football is gaining more and more importance all around the globe where every nation is making progress and they will go on making more and more progress except our bloody India where soccer is run by most of the bloody administrators.  Because of this the exorbitant talent existing in India is simply washed out and worst still is that nobody is bothered about it, leave aside government lethargy.

In this World Cup tournament not only France won but more than that THE TEAM WORK has won.  The days of over depending upon one or two individual heroes by their teams are over, even in Brasil  after their humiliating exit from the 1966 W.Cup in England they refused to depend too much on the individual genius of Pele.  Thus one soccer expert Saldanha by name took charge of post 1966 Brazil squad vowing to produce not one Pele but a number of them for the 1970 squad and finally succeeded in doing so by creating a galaxy of Peles in Dr. Tostao, Zairzinho, Rivelino, Clodoaldo, Gerson and Carlos Alberto. It was these great players who were responsible for Brasil to win them for the 3rd time the Jules Rimet Trophy and permanently.

While concluding I congratulate France for winning this World Cup tournament where they played well but the runners-up also played extremely well dominating the proceeding very beautifully especially after France  scored their 3rd goal. Their positive attitude kept the tempo of the final very high even at the last minute that made the final very entertaining and interesting.

Kudos to Russia for organizing this tournament so well.

A.Veronica Fernandes.              

July 15, 2018


This is in reference to the recent news of Tiatro “AXEA” written by  the ace Tiatrist – script writer – director – composer – duet singer – the late C. Alvares and directed by his daughter Capuchina. According to my information, it was well directed and very well staged by the artistes coming mainly from Bombay.  'Mojim porbim tumkam Bai Capuchina' and your entire troupe.  I hope more and more Tiatros of your father will be re-staged, some of them are much better, and also CD’s of the PRICELESS DUETS of your father.  Such duets will nobody compose in the future because there are no wombs in the Goan mothers to give birth to the sons like C. Alvares.   

 I had great wish to pen down a few lines on this Tiatro in a normal way in my Blog, goa-kranti.blogspot.com but due to my hospitalization recently I missed to see this Tiatro which  in fact first time I saw it as a small, boy somewhere in 1957/58 in my village Candolim which was attended even by a few  “Pakle” from Aguada.

That was the difficult period for Goans from Bombay to come to Goa as there was an official barricade put on this route by the Nehru's Congress Serkar making Bombay Goans difficult to come to Goa. However, with certain documents like “BILHETE IDENTIDADE” and after enormous efforts, the great C.Alvares came to Goa with an excellent troupe comprising attractive female artistes namely young and lovely looking Ophelia Cabral, beautiful Violet, majestic Cecilia Machado and Filomena Braz who played a magnificent role of an African “Khapurlem”.  Teaming up with the ace comedian Jacinto Vaz they both created havoc of laughter especially when he sings the song before kissing her with these words: 


The Prince of Konkani songs then a very melodious singer Alfred Rose with his handsome looks and attractive appearance and also with meticulous presentation, rendered the opening song “Mandovi – Mandovi” with English version which was highly appreciated even by the Portuguese who attended this Tiatro by occupying the front seats even.

The role Alvares with the then charming Ophelia played was fantastic especially when Alvares lifted Ophelia and took her inside. The majesticity of Cecilia Machado was superb so also the beauty of lovely looking Violet who instantly captured the hearts of so many young Goan boys.

Once again I congratulate Capuchina and request her to Cd all the golden duets of her father for the benefit of posterity because such duets will not come again. So also some of his precious Tiatros.

A.Veronica fernand.

July 12, 2018


And alas, England is ousted from this year’s World Cup tournament when they were defeated by the Croatians the small and young country in the Eastern Europe having such a small population of approximately 5 millions. Compared to such a mighty country wielding a Veto power in the UNO, England and UK, Croatia  is a tiny geographically political entity which was earlier a part of communist Yugoslavia but in 1991 when Communism  like a pack of Cards collapsed in Soviet Russia and Tito’s Yugoslavia, all the smaller pockets like Croatia seceded from their Communist Masters who earlier swallowed them  in the pre - World War  I and post World War II exactly what India did for some of the smaller states after the British surrendered India to Indians.  Those days Indian stalwarts mainly the Congressmen under the leadership of Nehru using its brute Military might forced some the smaller kingdoms to merge with Delhi.

For example, to bring Hyderabad under his domain Nehru government butchered mercilessly so many people owing allegiance to Hayderabadi Maharaja who was refusing to join with Nehru's Bharat.  In Kashmir their Maharaja also was not ready to join India knowing India one day WILL disgrace them and in the North India so many states including Assam, Sikkim and some more were forcibly brought under India’s banner. This type of hegemonistic policy India imbibed from Soviet Russia was very bad. 

  • My beloved Goa was invaded and annexed to India by Nehru like what Hitler did during the World War II makes India a traitor in the eyes of outside World  and  on top of it India shamelessly from the point of Nehru till now talk ill of Hitler calling Hitler a dictator when India in some aspects is worse than Hitler.  h right Indian government had to enter into my Goa and grab it like Nehru’s father property? Did India and its leaders especially Nehru consult us Goans and got our approval for invading Goa and thereby beginning the process of liquidating Goa? Though I am against Portuguese ruling in Goa yet I still feel we were  much better ruled - governed - taken care and better protected in all respects under the colonialists than under this corrupt Bharati regime which was manned by most of the "Rostad" available in this Rostad governed Bharat. It is from the Soviet Russia that India acquired all the Hitlerian tactics otherwise our Goa would have been competing in World Cup today as an independent nation just like Croatia. 

  • As per my information, according to Indian policy, New Delhi is working thru whichever government occupies the Centre's Throne, to deGoanise Goa because Indian policy makers want more and more non-Goans in Goa to alter the demographic structure of Goa tilting against Goans. For  this reason every step the Government takes on GOA it is ferociously supported by the Centre.  The influx of non GOANS  descend on Goa was pushed by those anti-GOA policy makers in Delhi who doles all privileges to Delhikar in Goa.  While many of the small scale merchants coming to Goa from India are financed by their agents including their religious congregations, to purchase land from Goa and buy Shops. 

Coming back to the semi-final match between England and Croatia, the Croatians are the deserving winners though they were caught unaware with the very beautiful early goal that they conceded. But then after  the Croatians roared like Lions usurping all the powers from England and thereby subduing England in every department of the game.  The exchanging and passing of the ball, running, dribbling, heading and protecting their citadel, Croatia excelled well. England with this stuff of players has no right to figure in the final.

When England reached in the final in 1966 World Cup defeating Portugal in the semi-final with the help of questionable referee's decisions, they had gigantic players in their rank then, namely, Gordon Banks under their bar, Geoff Hurst in upfront along with Bobby Charlton, their skipper Bobby Moore orchestrating their moves like a Maestro and others including Jackie Charlton.  Those players created miracles for the home English team to win that tournament. And above all outside the field they had a great general to guide and advise them on anything and everything pertaining to their game, their Team Manager Sir Alf Ramsey.

No doubt both the teams missed sure chances of scoring goals when their attempts hit the posts yet it should be noted that in football each team is having not only 11 players but plus  3, totally making it 14.  Who are the last three? They are the 3 wooden pieces, that is, 2 goal posts and one Cross piece and their role is coming into picture in emergency time only when all the 11 players are beaten.  These three wooden pieces are very important to protect you from conceding goals.

Now the final will be played on Sunday between Croatia and France the country that tasted the victory in this tournament earlier.  Both the countries will enter the field without having a Hero and that both the finalists will be playing without having any individual hero, probably first time in the history of this tournament, it proves again that the game of soccer is necessarily a Team work game and not necessarily individual game. The 3 real heroes namely Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar gone home with their heads down in shame because they proved how shabbily  they performed inspite of their high billing. I think the real hero in the final will be youngster Mbappe of France who has already indicated his skill to play high standard of soccer at this young age. HE will be a thriller to watch in the Final.

My prediction for the final ; CROATIA :2 – FRANCE: 1.