August 11, 2017


The Bi-Election for the Zilla Panchayat in Calangute Constituency will be held on 20th of this month. This is necessitated due to the emptying of this Seat by the previous man who contested the recently concluded election for Calangute Panchayat. Calangute Constituency for this election consists of the villages of Calangute, Candolim, Arpora & Nagoa. This time for this election in Calangute Constituency Congress for the first time is officially fielding its candidate, Mr. Joy Fernandes from Candolim, Orda.  
Mr. Joy Fernandes is a young and energetic educated man involved in     many activities in his locality as well as beyond. Currently he is the Block President of Congress Party. He is an executive body member of Mandd Sobhan, Mangalore – a Konkani Cultural Organisation headed by Eric Ozario and Jagotik Konkani Sanghatan –a global association.  Currently he is engaged by Times of India to promote its Cultural activities, namely Tiatros.  Besides, he was the former Cultural organizer of Directorate of Art and Culture. He is also active in promoting Cultural, Social and Sporting activities.
Since, he is having vast experience in promoting his talents in different fields and being an upright man without any pride and arrogance normally associated with our elected representatives, I feel his chances to get elected are very bright.  As a representative of the Secular Congress Party,  voters should have more confidence in him that he will follow the secular ways which are required now more than any other time when our local leaders are indulging in communal lines.  Being a sincere and upright man, he will not indulge in buying votes as it happened recently with all those shameless crooks who got elected thru their money power.  He is the loyal Congressman since last quarter of a century and like a dirty “SILLO” not changing the colours of his party the way our local corrupt politicians are doing.  It is a time for us to elect an upright man and this upright man is none other than Joy Fernandes who is strongly supported as disclosed  by Joy Fernandes, by both the local Congress leaders Joseph Sequeira from Calangute and Agnelo fernandes from Candolim besides innumerable voters.
Once he gets elected, he got lot of ideas to help the youth from his constituency especially in the matter of employment, also to help the Senior Citizens and Health Care. 

A.Veronica Fernandes.

August 5, 2017


Yesterday, on Friday, the 4th of this month, at Pai Tiatrist Hall, Margao, I saw the fitst Show of this Tiatro  which was attended by the capacity attendees.  In this Tiatro Pince Jacob burst his love and affection and also his patriotism for Goa and Goans like a volcano spreading its lava not only into the hearts of all those who attended this Tiatro but also to those beyond and as he goes on staging more and more Shows of this Tiatro all over Goa, there will be more lava spread into the hearts of Goans.  

Prince Jacob leading his troupe to the Hall

The story of this Tiatro is something different which really captured the hearts and minds of Goans who must think very carefully about our future and that of our children and grand children.   I am sure after seeing this Tiatro Goans will realize their fate will be exactly like that of the Palestinians who are not only become strangers in their own land but are become like slaves of Israeli Jews who by coming from other parts of the world (like bhaile) and settling down in Palestine, an Arab land,  finally became the landlords in of the Palestine. 
Seen above is Jose singing his opening solo

Kudos to Prince Jacob to write such an excellent Tiatro though it would have been better if he had to pen down this Tiatro a little earlier that would surely create a different effect. However, even now it is not too late. It would be nice if the Tiatrists themselves while sermonizing to others these great ideas first they themselves put these great ideas into practice and implement the same ideas to prove it to those who are innocent and ignorant that anything is possible.  Today Tiatists are become a focal point for every segment of society and people are looking at them as role model.   

                                                    Reema and Prince Jacob singing their duet 

To give a gist of the story it is based on “bhaile ani ami Goenkar” where “bhaile” are indicated as vultures ready to swallow us Goans at any time. It further shows how they are descending on Goa like herds without any avenues in Goa and by befriending the local politicians get all the required documents to be equipped with Voting Card and once they get this Cad then they become the Monarch of all what they see around.  This they acquire thru the help of the local Goan politicians who count on their votes.  But Prince Jacob warns these politicians that one day,  the outsiders will contest the elections and knock out the local politicians who helped these same “bhaile”.  But by then it would be too late. 
Ron singing his solo

Further Prince Jacob in this Tiatro indicates how we Goans opt for going to the foreign countries to make money and more money when we can do something even more in our own Goa as outsiders are doing. At one particular point especially in the ending part of this play it was shown how these outsiders who once came to Goa as slaves finally threatened our own Goans to become our masters. It is nicely shown how these outsiders coming to Goa in big groups and avail themselves of all the best facilities available in Goa while we Goans remain lethargic with the attitude “AAO JA-O  GOA TUMHARA” with sarcasm as if Goa is their fathers’ property.

                                             Seen singing the trio: Valency-Dola-Reema

The way Prince Jacob showed the fate of Goans in Goa, very shortly, it looks terrible to know our plight.  The outsiders will not only grab our whole of Goa but they will revolt against Goans, physically assault the Goans and inflict a terrible fear in our hearts because these outsiders who are coming to Goa to settle are worst type of ruffians without character, discipline and morality.  For their survival and to gain benefits for them they will do anything.  They are worst communal minded people and our local hard core communal and fanatic Goans will go to their aid because in Goa now the politics is based on communal practices. Those outsiders who come to settle in Goa are third grade Indians without proper discipline. They are peole from the jungle.  They lack decency and proper human attributes, most of them look like worst than animals.

Prince Jacon & John D'Silva in one seen

 I hope Goans especially the Catholics who are going to lose more and more must try to form their unity very strongly. In this matter our Church leaders from Altinho Panjim and our Pe. Vigars and Pe. Curs in our village churches must play greater role to protect our interest by guiding us in the right direction to face the life forward. So far our Church leaders do not appear to be a guiding factor for us in the right direction to face the onslaught of of our enemies because our enemies want to liquidate us because we are the followers of different religion.

One more scene where Valency & Joh D'Silva are seen

In this play two important roles allocated to the two artistes were performed extremely well, they are one by young girl from Calangute Valency as the “Ghanttin” wife and the other of her “Ghantti” husband by Michael Jude Gracias.  Their language, dress code, acting and other relevant attributes equated them exactly with  typical Ghanttis. While addressing the  comedian John D’Silva as “D-A-M-I-AN” typically in “Ghnttin” style, young Valency was producing peals of laughter in the hall. Prince Jacob in this Tiatro was at his best by playing not a comedy role he used to do earlier but a decent role which also contain some glimpses of his earlier comedian shades.  In this role he carved for himself a different role which he performed magnificently well.  This role add an extra colour to the play.  
Singing their duo are Agusto & Cajetan de Curtorim

Comedy part was fabulously well performed by the seasoned and expert comedian John D’Silva, rarely earlier I saw him rising to this height and he was ably supported by Bunty as drunkard which role he performed majestically well. He is the great finding of Konkani Stage.  Veteran Diana who is still youthful performed her role of a Hindu wife very well. In fact her roles are always faultless and she knows to play her part well.  Young man Jose with his bald head was one of the centre of attractions who by playing the role of a young son brings the level of the play more high. The role of attractive and lovely looking Dola with her majestic personality gave a solid booster to this Tiatro. She played a flawless role of a wife with her appropriate dress code as a house wife opposite to Prince Jacob as her husband. Rema the young girl performed well as the wife of comedian John D’Silva. She sings very well. In one scene the role played by one artiste as that of Dr. Jack Sequeira lacked originality.  It could have been still better as far as his dress and mode of talk is concerned.

                                           Singing their trio are Jose-Valency-M.J. Gracias

In the side show songs, Ron’s solo on clicking photos of Nude females was the best with lot of morality while the others to be appreciated are the trio of Valency-Dola-Reema, duets of Prince Jacob with Reema, solo of Agustinho, duo of Michael Jude Gracias and stylish singer Boney – the “Segundo” voice of Gracias was just too sweet and very pleasing to hear, opening solo of Jose and his trio with Valency and Gracias, duet of Ron with Dola.

Duet of Dola & Ron

In the beginning while entering the premises, the entire troupe led by Prince Jacob playing the Gumott, came singing and dancing with their stage dress code making a huge crowd at the entrance of the hall surprise. It was like a serenade, enjoyable scene, never seen before. 

PrinceJacob & Reema singing their duet

This Tiatro is a must see for a true Goan and as such nobody should miss it.  My congratulations to Prince Jacob and his troupe.

                                                     Singing his solo is Agusto

A.Veronica Fernandes

August 1, 2017


On 29th of last month, at Old Goa Inst. Of Pastoral Council Hall,  at 5.30 pm I attended the meeting organized under the banner of All India Catholic Union.  Approximately 200 persons males and females attended this Meet which was addressed among others by Dr. John Dayal, Prof. Fernandes, Bishop Ferrao and Dr. Colaco.  The entire proceedings were compered by Jovito Lopes who was instrumental in organising this Meeting to create awareness among Catholics of their future in Goa in particular and India in general.

On 17th December 1961  when one Laundry man Mr. Esho from Candolim Orda, at 7.00 PM came to know that Indian Troops already entered Goan territory, he started shouting loudly near the Church saying “Jai Swaraj – Jai Maharaj – Jai Hind.  Atam ami tumkam kitem tem dakoitelet, tumcheo Ingorzo ani Kopelam ami moddtelet ani tumkaim kobar kortelaum”.  Listening to his screaming I as a young boy realized what will be our future in our own Goa when my own brothers will try to liquidate us saying we being Christians we are foreigners embracing foreign religion and in one word we were considered as outisiders.
Are we really outsiders?  Who are insiders and those who considered themselves as insiders, are they not outsiders by virtue of being settlers on the banks of Indus River, coming from outside that land?  I object if anyone calls us foreigners because of the foreign religion we follow from the Europeans.  I am nether a foreigner nor  a follower of European religion, my religion Christianity is not an European but Asian just as Hinduism which is also an Asian.  If I am an outsider then those who say so are also outsiders because they are not original people from Indus area.

In the said Meeting the speakers voiced their concern of making India a Hindu rashtra by the Hindu fanatics. Though it is a big concern for us all the secularists yet it is not easy because our Constitution is very firm on this point.  These Hindu rashtra pundits want Hindu culture  in India.  But to do this India is not their fathers’ property.  Instead of Hindu culture they must use the word Hindustani culture.  We are in Goa currently about 25% Christians but surely this percentage will likely to go down in the next 10 years.    At that point of time, the Hindu fanatics will pounce on us to impose their ideology and religion on us. As it is now they are prowling on us.  They feel during the Portuguese time in Goa, Christians enjoyed preferential treatment but to my knowledge it is not true.  On the contrary Hindu community enjoyed better facilities then. For example in the commercial segment only the Hindus dominated the commercial industry.  Who were the Goans and even non-Goans who had the monopoly over Mining Industry?  Was it not the Hindus like Salgaocar, Dempo, Chowgules, Shantilal, Bandecar,  Bandodcar and others?  Who was Kakulo from Cadolim having agencies for expensive Cars like Taunus, Ford and others?  What about other agencies held by the other Hindus? 

From the time of 19.121961 when Goa was invaded by Bharat serkar under Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s premiership by giving false promises to Goans, the seed of communalism was sown on the sacred soil of Goa thru the instigation of low grade Hindus by the few high grade Hindus who wanted to liquidate Christians from Goa or dilute the impact of their presence in Goa.  One way to do this was to merge Goa with Maharastra where Maharastra like a big Hindu ocean will not only dilute the Christians and its influence but also swallow them.  The low grade Hindus felt that they were persecuted and troubled a lot by the Bhattkars mostly the Christians. To a certain extent it is right but those “Bastard” Bamon Bhattkars persecuted and troubled not only poor Mundkar Hindus only but more than them it was the Christian poor and Munddkar who suffered from the these Bhattkar.

In the dictionary of Dayananda Bandodcar only among Hindus the Bahujan Samaz people existed. He was a traitor and  fake Bahuzan  samaz leader. He was the communal leader who treated Hindus only as Bahuzan samaz.  Because he was the communal he sided with Hindus only.  It was he who sowed more forcefully the seed of communalism in Goa.  What he and others like him who were spreading communalism in Goa then, now the Bharati settlers are doing in Goa coming from neighbouring  and other Sates in India.  The genuine original Hindu from Goa will unlikely to embark on spreading this type of communalism.  Original genuine Hindu from Goa is humane and secular believing in Goan brotherhood.  It is this class of Hindus who fought against Bandodcar to defeat him in the Opinion Poll.  But unfortunately their crop is dwindling now.  

One of the speakers mentioned how our enemies are jealous of the assets of the Church and if they get a chance they will pounce on it first.  Hence, Church should be more vigilant.

Yet another speakers deplored the disunity among Catholics in Goa.  In this regard, Church leaders like Pe. Vigars and Pe. Curs must play their roles in the villages by preventing the Catholics from fighting against one another, including settling court cases amicably thru the intervention of the Church leaders.

A.Veronica Fernandes.