June 24, 2017


Recently in this month in Herald dated 07.06.17 one news item appeared on Luizinho Faleiro saying,  “job done, Faleiro wants to be relieved of duties”.  According to me, the job (victory) was not done by Faleiro but it was done by the people who supported Congress to win the 17 seats. According to the people Faleiro on the contrary spoiled the chances of Congress to form the government. He acted like a kid from Kindergarten first by creating animosity between Congress  and GFP by dumping a dummy candidate on Vijay Sardesai at Fatorda though what betrayal Sardesai did will never be forgiven. Faleiro failed to gain the goodwill of GFP by clandestinely working against Sardesai though he pretends to be innocent. He failed to rise to the occasion to form the partnership between Congress and GFP, he indicated that by all means he wanted Sardesai to be a failure.

However, unfortunately and ultimately Sardesai after his victory applied the law of Hamurabi – eye for an eye and tooth for tooth – to Congress as a punishment for Faleiro instead of offering olive branch whereby he would be a hero among all sections of Goans. This is where the weakness of Sardesai lies, this is according to one source, ingrained in his blood.  This is not going to be the last such a cursed act of Sardesai but given an opportunity he will repeat such acts repeatedly.  

When 5 MGP MLA's deserted Bandodcar,  to offset this desertion Bandodcar purchased 5 UGP MLA's including Valente Sequeira from my constituency and as a mark of anger some constituents from my constituency named their Pigs after these bloody defector Pigs.  In view of this, why not follow this same example by the constituents of Fatorda? It must be borne in mind that people like Sardesai will never change because their God is money, power and position.  Their belief in their religion is a big tamasha to fool the people especially their own religionists.  The morning prayer like Puja and other forms of prayers of such crooks is a big joke.  Such traitors have no religion nor God.  Their disaster will follow very fast turning them most miserable. This time is not very far. 

Luizinho Faleiro further said that his resignation is pending with the Congress High Command since 2015.  I find it is rubbish to know that Faleiro’s resignation is pending with the High Command since 2015. Why? Is Faleiro indispensable?  He as the president of Congress in Goa should own all the responsibilities for the fiasco in forming the government when Congress had a clear majority for which not a single Congress MLA should take the credit. It was the people’s movement against BJP that gave clear majority to Congress. People voted for Congress not because they loved Congress and Faleiro but because people hated BJP and for this victory not a single Congress leader in Goa should take credit, leave aside Faleiro who is is so bankrupt as far as his leadership is concerned, his every statement takes the name of "Madame Sonia told me". Madame Sonia sucked the credibility of Congress Party in India and her idiotic minded son Rahul Gandhi is going to further suck the Congress. If Faleiro's predecessor had to be the president, things would have been surely the other way round.

It is overheard in certain segments of Goan society that Luizin in collaboration with that rascal Digvijay coming from Delhi was responsible to hand over the baton of government formation in Goa to Parricar of BJP for a handsome reward.  Otherwise how Luizin can delay in going to the Governor with his list when he had clear majority? Is he that idiot to delay in forwarding his list? Was he a baby? I find some fishy episode is involved in this ugly drama.  The bastards holding the party's affairs are treating the party as their fathers' property ignoring the wishes and sentiments of the voters.

A.Veronica Fernandes.

June 23, 2017


Further to my review of the meeting last week held in Panjim at Tiatr Academy Auditorium, at 4.00 PM, organised by DKA to mark the 103rd birthday of the late Reginaldo Fernandes, the well – known Romansi writer from Siolim, I must appreciate the main speaker Daniel D’Souza who gave a very good researched account of Reginald Fernandes highlighting every aspect of his life.

However, I like to add something more too which was not mentioned by any of the speakers.  Reginaldo Fernandes was an employee of Emmisora de Goa – Panjim during the Portuguese rule along with Jacinto Vaz, Young Menezes, M. Dod de Verna, Baldinho Araujo, Allen D’Costa,  Jony Sylvester, Diogonho D’Mello, Ismenia D’Mello, Ansu Rodrigues, Georgina Jacques, Maestro Antoninho D’Souza and others.  His job was to write Tiatros to be aired thrice a week, Sundays – Tuesdays – Thursdays, the duration of each Tiatro was 30 minutes and the Sunday’s Tiatro at 7.00 PM used to be very popular.

Besides, REginaldo Fernandes was preparing on every Saturday at 7.00 pm one especial programme called “Antu Babachi Gozal” where all the participating artistes used to act and release venom and fire on Bharat Serkar for trying to rob our golden Goa.  In this programme, while vomiting venom against Bharat serkar for preparing to invade Goa, the greatness of Goa was highlighted very loudly and how this greatness will disappear from Goan soil if Goa is invaded by the invaders Bharat Serkar. And after so many years of invasion of Goa what we see now in Goa?  What Reginaldo Fernandes prophesied 60 years back is now came into reality. 

Goa is losing everything what belonged to it because of degoanisation process of Goa that began on 19th December 1961. And now it is in full swing because the bastardisation of Goan politics is going on with sprinting pace. Good that he and many like him are dead and gone otherwise they would not be able to see with their own eyes that Goa is reaching to such a low ebb. In a few years time Goa will remain as Goa geographically but the core and original ingredients of Goa will disappear from Goa. Non Goans will make the destiny of Goa with the introduction of their harsh culture and tradition, languages, folksongs and folk tales etc. The greatness of Goa will remain only in the history books for the few historians to harp on. Thinking of this period I feel like crying.  God alone can save us from that likely calamity.

Immediately after the invasion of Goa, Reginaldo Fernandes along with Young Menezes in Candolim and others too in their respective villages lived in fear of being attacked not by the Indian military in retaliation for their criticism of Bharat Serkar but more by the local Goans who were calling themselves as pseudo nationalists. These people thought that they were more Bharatis in Goa than others. It is these barberians in the garb of Freedom Fighters came with Guns to kill Dr. Gustavo Monteiro in Candolim and Fr. Mendonca at Arpora School immediately a few hours after Goa was forcibly invaded by Nehru’s Bharat without taking Goans into confidence as if Goa was Nehru’s “Paichem Bens”.

All the above Tiatrist artistes of Emmisora de Goa were not paid their 3 months salaries prior to the invasion of Goa by the Portuguese Serkar. This responsibility should have been on the shoulders of invaders who in the beginning assured that all the obligations of the previous government will be fulfilled by the new government.  But because the Emmisora de Goa’s artistes were heavily criticizing the Bharat serkar during the Portuguese rule, they were denied their 3 months salary. 

Then when Jacinto Vaz started a heavy campaign from the Stage against Bharat  Serkar for its failure to pay their 3 months salary, thru his songs especially composed to highlight this topic, the All India Radio Panjim put a ban on  airing of Jacinto Vaz songs from All India Radio Panjim.  One of the artiste employees of Emmissora de Goa whose salary Bharat serkar had to pay was that of Reginaldo Fernandes. 

Writers like Reginaldo Fernandes were not only writers but they were like schools from whom innumerable people learnt Konkani in Roman script.  It is these writers who kept the flame of Konkani lighted.   The Nagriwadis who downgrade the contribution of writers like Reginaldo Fernandes are “CHORS” who are robbing the importance of the work they did in Konkani thru Roman script. Today and yesterday all the awards meant for Konkani literature should have gone to Reginaldo Fernandes and Damaciano Caridade only but, no, they are side stepped by the Nagriwadis because they own the monopoly of these Awards which they distribute among themselves as Bokxis.

Many people are calling Reginaldo Fernades as the Patxai and also as Pai of Romansi boroinarancho.  I disagree with this view of calling Reginaldo Fernandes as Patxai and Pai of Romanxi boroinarancho.  This title should rightly go to that genius Romansi writer Damaciano Caridade from Aldona whose writings were based on hard concrete evidence and not on abstract episodes. But that does mean Reginald Fernandes is a small writer of Roman Script Konkani Romansi, he was the great writer and being so, I bow my head down to him.  May his soul rest in peace and may Goa produce more and more such Reginaldo Fernandes.

A.Veronica Fernandes.

June 14, 2017



Olga seen rendering her powerful political solo

Yesterday at Kala Academy in Panjim starting at 7.30 PM I saw the new Tiatro written and directed by Irineu Gonsalves. It was an excellent Tiatro with excellent story and excellent Side Show. After a long time I saw such a romantic story enacted beautifully by the romantic pair of handsome Willy and beautiful Jessica whom I can easily equate with those great beautiful artistes like Mohana, Ohelia, Violet and Rita Rose. 
A scene  Jessica & Willy in a romantic mood

Irineu Gonsalves seen singing on Mergulhao

Opening the main door of the Hall at 7.25 there was too much rush to enter inside with a bit of chaos at the entrance, such incidents should be avoided by the people concerned in the future though this is not the first time such incidents occur.

Olga & Anil seen singing their political duet

The Tiatro was attended by a good number of audience though the Hall was not fully filled. Those who missed this Show they missed a good Tiatro.  Such Tiatros were earlier written by C. Alvares and himself was playing the lead role.  Irineubab has shown his high caliber of his writing power of such beautiful romantic stories.  The main role played by Willy opposite to Jessica was the centre of attraction.  Jessica was at her best yesterday with Willy as her boyfriend. Jeremiah also played a good supportive role along with Willy. 

Jeremiah seen singing his solo on Pele

Since this is going to be staged all over Goa, I refrain from disclosing the contents of this story fully. The story ends in the hospital, in I.C.U.-Bed No. 2 where the whole romance is unfolded, the story starts in London then moves to Goa even reaching up to Australia.  The matter is very rich and posh where lot of foot-ball is involved. I am sure the script writer Irineubab must have done lot of research to prepare this whole story. 
Seen 1st in the left is Sheikh Amir imitating the Premier

Sheikh Amir also deserves highest compliments for doing the role of Prime Minister Modi by imitating him exactly. The others who performed well were Irene, Dola, Anthony San and Sandip Calangutkar with his majestic personality. The hospital scene was wonderful.

Seen above Benny de Aldona sings his solo

The comedy role was well played by John D’silva, Humbert, Luis Bacchan and Ambe. 
Anthony San & Dola sing their duet

The Side Show was fabulous in which Olgla stole the show with her powerful political solo and also with her excellent duet on Vijay Sardesai with Anil Pednekar. Both these songs were very bold.   The others who deserve compliments were the handsome youngster Jeremiah for his excellent solo on footballer Pele and soccer, duet by Anthony San and Dola, solo by Ortencio, both the solos Benny de Adona and Ron for his duo wit Jeremiah and solo.

Comedians Humbert and John de Silva

The director himself surprised everyone by singing a song on the late foot-ball lover Mergulhao. It was a well rendered song with his powerful voice based on the tune of one of the songs of his father-in-law M.Dod de Verna. 

                                         Sundeep Kalangutkar & Irene Vaz in the last scene

Well done by Irineubab and his troupe including the musicians.

A.Veronica Fernandes.