December 17, 2017


When the former Pope visited Columbia, he made the following statement:


What we notice today is that the priests are more occupied in things which are secular in nature by neglecting the spiritual aspects of the faithful.  Almost every Pe. Vigar of almost every Church in our every village is seen holding the position of a Principal of the diocesan school attached to his Church.  When this is the case, how he will be able to devote his time and efforts to look after the  spiritual aspects of the faithful thereby fulfilling his main obligation as a Pe.Vigar? The job of a principal is a full time job and also very responsible needing total dedication without invading any other activity.  In my  village itself the moral fabric of the so many faithful is become corrupt which leads their souls to hell.  The duty of the priests is to save the souls from going into the hell.  But to do this the priests who are the guides and protectors of the souls do not have sufficient time to help the faithful to avoid the sin because the priests are more occupied in the secular work, as indicated above. 
In my village during the living memory, only under the Pe. Vigarship of Pe. Nicholau Noronha the moral fabric of the local faithful was better protected because Pe. Nicholau Noronha as Pe. Vigar was strictly guarding the spiritual aspects of the faithful, during his time the concubinage in the village among the faithful was less rampant, the character of the local faithful was much better and those involved in serving the Church activities were more upright.   Pe. Nicholau Noronha was accepted by the locals as their fatherly figure because he proved with his sterling qualities and character  as the most adorable Pe. Vigar in our village. He was not involved in promoting secular activities but engaged himself more in the promotion of moral and spiritual aspects. 

Today we see many of our priests involved in the promotion of education which is good but not as good as the promotion of spiritualism which is their main duty. Sports, Tiatros, Ballroom Dance, indulging directly in politics and private personal business - are these activities meant for the priests? Pe.Nicholau Noronha was directly confronting those faithful who were indulging in anti--Chrisian activities.  He went once to a lady who was living the life of a concubine and not only reprimand her but brought her back to her normal life.  Once he told in the strongest words to one local Panch member that he is harassing the locals in the Panchayat when they come for any help. When the same Panch member asked Pe. Vigar “who are you to question me when Panchayat does not come under the jurisdiction of the Church?”, shot back the Pe. Vigar saying “I am your father by virtue of being the Pe. Vigar and as a Catholic I have all the rights to stop you from going out of the way”.   

In mid eighties, one Tiatrist Priest from Goa came to Kuwait with the letter of Goa Bishop Monsg. Raul Gonsalves to the Kuwait Bishop Mongs. Frances Mechallef, to stage his Tiatro in Kuwait Church Hall.  When the Kuwait Bishop saw this letter, he immediately sent a reply to Goa Bishop asking him, “why did you send your Tiatrist Priest to Kuwait?  To stage Tiatros? Is it the job of a priest to stage Tiatros?”  And further asking this question:  “What pastoral significance his visit is having in Kuwait?"

If at least half of the entire time our priests putting in the non-spiritual activities is invested in the spiritual aspects and in the pastoral work, today the moral fabric of our community would have been much strong.  We as a community in general are become corrupt, in politics most of the members of our community are become rascals and many of our Pe. Vigars and Pe. Curs are pampering them even from the Alter because these priests are recipients of the part of the bribes extorted by the criminal Panchayats from their customers. In business many of our community members are turned into unreliable crooks, first lass “chors and bamtte” thus giving a very bad image of our religion,  in social life we are very much vulgar where many of our females are involved in living a vulgar life because they made money as their God since they are not  thought by the custodians of our souls the real meaning of God as our custodians have no time to do this job because  they are more busy in devoting their time in non-spiritual aspects.

Additionally, we have so many lay groups namely Somudai, Parish Council, Legion of Mary, Charismatic groups and so many other groups but what is their substance? Some of them are in many cases most corrupt people involved in many un-Christian and illicit activities.  Because many of these people are become darlings of the Pe. Vigars and Pe. Curs and also the concubines of some of the Pe Vigars an Pe. Curs, they are ruling in a Hitlerian manner their respective Churches,  not to serve God nor the people but to boss over them because they love bossism since they are suffering from ancestral inferiority complex where they were always kept under the bondage of their Bhattkars and others.  It is mainly the members of some of these groups who are spoiling the peace in our community by doing more politics than serving the God and mankind.  The all round quality of these people is very poor, mainly they are from “hoi-polloi” background.  Qualitatively the people without family grandeur are not involving in this type of activities, these activities mainly confined to low grade people. Many of the locals who are cheap are involved in the Church activities because these activities give them a semblance of good character. Church is the good venue to gain cheap publicity and good character certificate when you are a bad person. Ultimately, these cheap people bring a very bad name to our otherwise excellent religion Christianity.  Many of the “Cheddio” are involved in doing the Church activities to suppress their ill deeds and some of these cheddios are kept in the Church circle by their P. Vigars who use them  as “Temple Girls”.    

I think there must be some change in the working of our clergy who should be entrusted with the task of doing more spiritual work.

A.Veronica Fernandes.        

December 16, 2017


The most renown and the firebrand political singer of the current era of Konkani Stage Francis de Tuem recently released his 13th Konkani Album in the form of Audio CD consisting of 13 powerful songs all composed by Francis de Tuem only and rendered besides by him, also by Lawry Travasso, Marcus Vaz, Xavier Gomes and comedian Richard.  Musical score was beautifully provided by Joaquim D’souza and his troupe.

It is very difficult to say which is the best song among the 13 since all the songs are equally best.  But all these songs especially the political ones are composed with thorough research.  To compose such songs the composer needs to have full knowledge of the subject and that Francis de Tuem is having such a powerful knowledge was proved by the way he composed these songs.

The title song “GST” is such that it makes mockery of Modi for fooling the people of the country by sucking the blood of the poor by introducing the GST and also introducing Demoneytisation. 

In the second song “Facebook and Whats app” Francis the Tuem laments the misuse of social media as it was informed thru this that Remo Fernandes died when this was not true. He said this venue should not be used for mischief.

The third song very beautifully and with serenity rendered by Francis de Tuem describing the life of Padr Agnel while the next song Modko a trio by Francis de Tuem-Lawry Travasso –Comedian Richard is worth admiring.

The next song on killing of Gauri Lankesh the renowned journalist in Bangalore was worth listening and worth admiring too. In this song Francis de Tuem describes how the fanatics are trying to silence the free voice. In the next song   “ Pordesantle Goenkar” Francis de Tuem raises the issue of giving the facility of dual citizenship to these Goans while indicating so many other countries are giving this facility to their citizens. In the next solo “Khuris” the singer Francis de Tuem raises the issue of Cross desecrating done recently and how the authorities made an scapegoat of an innocent person. The  “Beef” is the other song which highlight the dadagiri of BJP of controlling the eating habbits of the minorities.  Ram Rahim is another powerful song which gives full ugly account of the Head of the Ashram and how he was involved in raping the virgin girls under his command, in the name of his religious  belief.

The next song “Devosponn” by Xavier Gomes describes the ill effect of the transparent dress used by our ladies in the religious places just as the late Jacinto Vaz indicated in his solo “Nylonache Lugot”. “Hindu Rashtra” is another powerful song where the singer showed his condemnation against those fundamentalists who showed open discriminations on Christians.  The singer powerfully said that Chritians are also patriotic people and   how some of them have done a great job in the service of the nation. “Kalakaranche Sacrifice” in this trio Xaier-Marcus – Francis de Tuem describes how much sacrifices the Tiatists are doing in the promotion of this art.  Some of them have even acted in the Tiaros when their own people were declared dead and their dead bodies were lying in the Coffin at their residences.  This is a very interesting and informative song.

The next solo “Abghat” by Lawry Travasso describes the pathetic story of the picnickers who lost their precious lives while they were involved in fun and frolic during the Picnic.  And the last song rendered by Francis de Tuem “Fotting” describes Parricar as aliar.

According to me this is the best Audio CD of recent time and as such no Goan should miss it.  Congratulations to Francis de Tuem and his colleagues and Musicians to too.

A.Veronica Fernandes.   

December 14, 2017


Seen above is the section of the attendees

Yesterday 13th of this month at Mapusa, I saw the new Tiatro written and directed by Rafael de Majorda, the Tiatro was well attended by a good number of attendees. The musical score for this Tiatro was nicely provided by Vitorin -Roy – Paklo - Telvin and co.  Though it was given to understand that this Tiatro will start at 6.30 pm but it finally started at 7.00 PM though  the attendees were not restless, they saw this Tiatro very peacefully. Normally in this hall Tiatros are held only on Sundays but this is the rare occasion it was staged on Wednesday proving everyone how confident the director was of filling the hall.

Milagres seen singing a solo on Fr. Gabriel

Rafael Fernandes  who is known as Rafael de Majorda is a fanatic Tiatrist and Tiatro lover as well as Tiatro promoter.  I know him in Kuwait a number of years where he was working and during his spare time he used to involve himself in staging TiATROS and introducing best of Tiatrists from Goa including Lorna.  In Kuwait he showed at least 3 Tiatros one of them was ALIZA.  All his Tiatros in Kuwait were “Housefull’ and thru staging of Tiatros he made a name and fame for himself though every Tiatro of his was for charity.  Before coming to Kuwait for employment, he also worked in UAE at Al–Ain where too he made a mark for him as a prominent Tiatrist by staging his Tiatros there. After working in Kuwait for about a decade, he joined the Cruise Ship where he is still successfully working and during his vacation time he stages his Tiatros as he  is doing now during his current vacation.  

Michael Lobo seen addressing the adience

Seen Michael Lobo enjoying the Tiatro

The Tiatro Alicia was based on the betrayal of a girlfriend by her boyfriend when she was already conceived thru him.  It was very pathetic to see the illegitimate child developing during his younger period. So the misery of the mother of the child. The Tiatro was well performed by all the artistes, males as well as females though it was the first show.  In this Tiatros, as usual he introduced some of the new faces, namely Sapna Sarag, Damodar Kerkar, Liby, Master Ethan  and Valanka.  Andrew as usual gave his best performance in playing the role of a villain, his dress code and language nicely matched with his role.  

Joe Frank once popular in Kuwait sings his solo

Comedy scenes were rather lengthy though both the comedians namely Ashton and Bladewin did their best.  The role of a younger boy Master Ethan  was excellent so too of his mother Sapna who being a Hindu woman excelled excellently in this Tiatro. Bernard as a boyfriend of Sapna played his part wonderfully. Liby too did her role of a “Bhattkarn”. Matha and Milagres as wife and husband and  Angela as doctor played their roles well. 

Seen above Martha & Angela - fame of Sucurrina Tiatro

In the Side Show songs  the trio of Andrew, Marquis & Cajy de Kakora was well received by the audience, also the trio of Angela – Liby – J.P, so the solos of Joe Frank, Marquis Pereira, Tony de Ribandar, Stanley Nico Vaz (Anchor Prime TV), Marcus Vaz and opening solo of Anifa and her duet with Malister.  The solos of Frachita and of Sharon were also good.

Stanely Nico Vaz singing his solo 

As a chief guest, Michael Lobo the MLA from Clangute Constituency and the Dety. Speaker of Goa Legislative Assembly attended this show.  During his brief speech from the Stage where he was introduced to the audience by the director of this Tiatro Rafael de Majorda, Mr. Lobo showered praises on the Tiatro and Tiatrists for doing excellent job in the service of uniting Goans, as he said Tiatro is a very good venue for our unity. A flower bouqet was presented to him.

A scene where Milagre-Athon-Matha are seen

During the interval, Certificates  were given thru the hands of A.Veronica Fernandes who also on the request of the director spoke a few words on Kuwait based the late Fr. Gabriel Dias for whom Rafael dedicated this tiatro. Addtionally one special song was rendered by Milagres in praise of Fr. Gabriel.

                                           Seen are the Musicians

Tony de Ribandar singing his solo

A romantic scene were Sapna & Bernard are seen

                                          A trio song by Cajy-Mrquis-Andrew

A. Ve.ronica Fernandes