October 19, 2017


India lost all its encounters in the ongoing World Cup under 17 and had to exit in the first round itself though not disgracefully but with some respect as they played with some improved techniques, of course thanks to the Portuguese Coach whose elders have laid a strong base of Goan soccer. India’s exit is unbearable when it is having lot of resources to produce best of foot-ballers not only in India and Asia but in the whole World too. Indian Olympic squad in 1956 Melbourne Olympics had the unique distinction to enter into quarter final where for one of the brilliant hat trick goals of our Goan Neville D’Souza, the then Olympic President just jumped from his chair in excitement, exclaiming, “see the wonderful goal scored by that Indian”.  Those days players had more dedication for the love of soccer but today it is for money and other perks.  Besides, there is no dedication on the part of the soccer administrators to improve the standard of this game in India.

In Kuwait I saw its Junior national team and I can rightly say they will easily beat our seniors.  Why this disparity when India is such a huge country having such a vast manpower at its disposal that can be trained so well as it was done in Kuwait with the paid assistance of Brazilian know-how?  The Kuwaiti Senior soccer team is one of the best in Asia and being a small country having such a thin manpower, Kuwait played in the Olympics and World Cup too because Kuwait has dedicated, sincere and faithful officials to run their Soccer.

As a matter of interest, immediately following the 1974 World Cup tournament, Kuwait acquired the services of World best soccer Coach, Brazilian Mario Zagallo who won the World Cup for Brazil in 1970 as a Manager and in 1958 as a player with baby Pele. Kuwait paid him monthly salary of $20,000/- with boarding and lodging plus other perks.

Once in mid eighties our Goan organizers of competitive soccer for Indians, at Kuwait Sour Grounds,  under the leadership of renowned soccer administrator and International Umpire, J.P. D’Mello based in Kuwait as FIFA’s  representative, approached the Kuwaiti Soccer administrator for requesting him to provide a ground for our soccer.  His Secretary encountering us at the entrance, questioned thus: “SINU, HINDI?  KOORA?” and laughed sarcastically. To interpret his Arabic comment means, mockingly, “What? are Indians playing football?”

Yes, Indians are not only playing football but are also organizing Soccer World Cup as witnessed in the World Cup under 17.  Besides gaining experience in hosting of  World Cup, Indian soccer team also gained the know–how of playing at world level. Moreover, the infrastructure and other facilities created for this World Cup will be a great asset to move further in promoting Indian soccer. These are huge gains for India.

A.Veronica Fernandes.

October 16, 2017


This refers to the news item in Herald dated 14.10.17 regarding the appointment of Goa Pradesh Congress Committee’s Chief where it is indicated that the new President will be nominated only after Rahul Gandhi becomes the president of the Party, that is, after the Diwali.  My question here is:  Why nomination and why not election?  The Election process gives the true democratic colour and for this reason elections is preferred. The one who was nominated by Madame (Sonia Gandhi) has failed us miserably while the voters of Congress Party still gave very good victory to Congress by winning  more Seats in the last Goa Assembly election.  This victory of Congress Party was the gift of Goans to  this party whose leaders though do not deserve it yet people of Goa gifted them this victory not because they love Congressmen but they hate communal BJPmen.  The Congress Party under its previous Chief has not done wonders to influence the voters to vote for Congress but people voluntarily voted them by giving 17 Seats, only to unseat the BJP from the power. The secret agenda of BJP is to spread communal politics and not to develop Goa nor India.  Can any sensible person trust Parricar and Modi who both betrayed the people's trust with a Judas Kiss?  If our leaders are so bad then how the people will get prosperity and justice?

Going back to Congress Party, as usual, Congressmen are Congressmen, they will never change their feudality which they inherited from the Britishers.  It was said, though the British left from India but still they kept their legacy in India intact in the form of Congress Party to imitate the British in all respects.  The Congress Party under that Monster Indira Gandhi striped the Princes of their official titles and rights and in the end their robes and life styles were acquired unofficially thru tax payers money by the Congressmen. This pompous and luxurious show is displayed in every place where Congress Party is ruling, first starting from Central government immediately following the independence of India. Unfortunately, shamelessly the BJP has also acquired this habit from Congress Party when they said they will identify themselves with the commoner.  They are liars and traitors.

The every  tin pot leader in Congress Party is a selfish, interested in his own promotion discarding the interest of the Party and the voters and also of the public. After the independence Congress Party ruled over India for so many years but they never made any serious attempt to stop poverty but instead they stopped poor from becoming rich because by keeping the people below poverty line Congress found it easy to exploit them during the election time.  Unfortunately, BJP is also doing the same thing or still worse. Can anyone trust any of the Congress Party leaders in Goa?  Do they have any quality, character and integrity?  Do these leaders and stalwarts in Congress Party in Goa have real love and dedication for the Congress Party?  If they say yes then I will call them as traitors, otherwise see Papa Rane during the last by-election of Baba Rane how he sided with his son turning his back to the Congress Party where he belonged. Is it not a betrayal and can a good person rely and trust on such traitors to give upright leadership? Worst part of this episode is this that none of the other Congressmen opposed this and protested over this betrayal of Sr. Rane because they are all sailing in the same boat. 

Meantime can anyone rely on the leadership of Ravi Naik, Sr. and Jr. Ranes, Luizinho Faleiro who all  wanted only the top  “Kodel” in the Assembly because of which they slept at home longer period allowing BJP to sprint to the Governor presenting its claim to form the government. Was it intentional or unintentional delay?  One source tells me that the leadership of Congress Party in Goa and the monitor of Goa Desk of Congress Party in Delhi were paid handsomely by the Opposition to create this game, which means  is it all a “match fixing game?”

It is a pity that Congress is still not doing anything worthwhile to put things into order and capitalize on the flaws of BJP.  Instead, some Congressmen like traitors are shamelessly preparing the ground to join BJP instead of reviving its chances to capture power.  This Congress party in Goa has betrayed its voters.

     A. Veronica Fernandes.


October 12, 2017



Almost every year there is is dissatisfaction over the results of the Tiatro competition and judges are made the culprits for this confusion. I am sure the organizers of this competition are aware of this.  The same thing again appeared this year as shown by the “Seby The Calangute and Troupe”,Calangute group, when they openly indicated their dissatisfaction over the declared results of this year’s competition of “B Group”, with a protest note they presented to the Chairman of Kala Academy a few days back. The protest note was presented by the three representatives of this group that staged their Tiatro “Tum Nhuim” on 18.09.17;  they are shown in the photograph shown above.  Thru RTI they also asked for the details of all the results and how they are derived.

What I have noticed is this that most of the Tiatrists who participate in this competition are not having their confidence in the judges who are selecting the Tiatros for the awards.  As for me, I don’t know how smart and expert and knowledgeable they are in this field or whether they are from Ladru-Pedru category.  If their names and photos were given openly before the competition then it would be nice to know their category.

Secondly, as per my information there is a “match fixing”  going on there to give best prizes for the certain groups and also bribe too is playing its role as I am told since one insider is the person involved in taking this bribe.  The real truth in this matter will be known gradually.

When the organizers and the judges join together to deny the deserving artistes their awards then it becomes a robbery and crime against justice.  Hence, it is imperative to raise one’s voice against this injustice as Seby the Calangute group has done.  The others who feel they are also cheated then they must also follow.

A.Veronica Fernandes.