September 20, 2009



From: Agelo Baretto
Date: Sat, Sep 19, 2009 at 11:55 PM.

Dear Tiatr Lovers,

I told you all that this KGTS show will be a total disaster and so it happened. Where is the explosive show/ as published in the newpapers and net? At the point of time the audience were loud enough to yell to stop the show. Shame on KGTS once again.!

Yel'la, the facts are out in the open and further ratified during your show on 18 September 2009 at Al-Masrah Hall, Hawally that there is no UNITY but only POLITICS in KGTS and people have shown their disgust. I am sure this fact was also not liked by late M.Boyer as during the tribute when his son was receiving the memento, it fell down and broke into pieces to the shame and embarrasment of all KGTS members & guests present on the stage. And the main "virus" -kiddo (worm) is Mario de Majorda whose advertisement came on Kuwait Times and net that he is doing the show in association with KGTS. He is the one who divided all Tiatrists and the fact that Super Star Marcus Vaz is not brought for this show is because, the same Marcus Vaz had kicked out Mario from his Trio partnership and declared that Mario is unfit to sing and that he will never sing witih him again. Dirty minded dirty person, Mario. I am asking Mario. where are you in the Tiatr world and where is Marcus Vaz? This is not your Choir, this is Tiatristponn Devachem Dennem. What type of organiser are you, that you cannot even make 50% of the crowd. Kuwait Tiatr lovers by boycotting the show have shown that they hate politics in KGTS.

Al lpeople who came for the show were given free complimentary passes by KGTS (to fill the hall). What sort of tiatrist Mario and other stupid idiots in KGTS are? KGTS is run by stupid idiots who only want to destroy this DEVACHEM DENNEM and divide tiatrists in Kuwait. Shame KGTS Shame. If KGTS have guts answer this for me.

I was told that KGTS is in touch with Jose Rod and that they have his blessings and guidance for every activity. Then what happened? Where is his guidance? Is he the one who told not to bring Marcus and not to put comedian Philip, Laurent, Rosary Ferns (to aslear aum nachonam) and others? because he is not in good terms with Philip & Rosary Ferns. If KGTS took guidance from him then,why such a time wasting show? which made people to leave in the middle and some were found sleeping and chatting outside the hall, just waiting to take their cars out which were blocked in traffic. Shame KGTS shame. when Jose Rod is advised rest for 6 months then why the hell you are disturbing his peace and what sort of advice you are taking from a sick person, whose mind is just recovering from the operation. Do not give stupid replies.

I am sure KGTS took careless advice from 88 (2 fat ladies). (1) Cajetan De Sarvordem (2) Gracy. Because both of them were simply coming on stage again and again and trying to make a big show (or big mockery) about themselves.

KGTS Musical Show had Konkani stars from Goa, but apart from Peter - Roshan the others were a total failure, including Lawry and Comedian Agostin and Selvy. I think this is the first time that i saw such a boring comedy and people were hardly laughing but crying that their money is going to waste. Comedian Agostin was all swollen in looks and with red eyes and appeared to have had few shots of local "A". Selvy though good at times, did not have good comedy to act.

Lawry the self named Melody King - did not live up to the expectation of the audience as his songs were not as good as what the audience wanted as he sings in the same style everytime he comes to Kuwait and goes in the audience singing. This time the audience booed at him. Onother singer Albert Cabral was also a waste.

From local tiatrists, all singers were just scraps. KGTS must thank Sylvester & Irene Vaz & Micheal Silva for performing for KGTS because only Sylvester & Irene Vaz stole the limelight from KGTS, as their duet on Reporter was very hard hitting with facts, that one journalist left the hall in shame. Micheal's solo was good but sad that there was not much crowd to listen to it. Sylvester's solo showing various religious characters was the best with presentation and beautifully sung by him. KGTS was saved by inclusion of Sylvester-Irene & MIcheal. Also Micky sang a nice song on English tune. Comedy queen Querobin became Tragedy Queen this show as she is becoming old now and need to take a break as people were fed-up to see her again and again on stage in comedy and singing. Only by changing a wig does not make a person change the whole character.There are so many things that have to change to act out a double role. She and onother local Nelson was a total disaster and waste of time. First time in my 16 years in Kuwait i saw 2 types of comedy side shows and both never made people laugh at all. Comedy turned in tragedy.

Then there is one Catty de Navelim, who thinks that making publicity on internet about himself will get him audience, but he is wrong as both his songs were near to the mark. Those writers who are giving publicity to new comers must also write to the limit and not make fool about themselves.

I am surprised to see one skit which was a waste of time along with the comedy. When people were so bored with so much waste of time this skit was more boring and not up to the standard of KGTS. Next time the actors must take direction from T-Bush of BLACK and come on stage. or go to Rosary Ferns.

I am asking, where did our Kuwait based singer Adolf disappear? Why he did not perform? Surely he must have got the news about the stupid behaviour of Mario, Francis de Verna and others. Shame KGTS Shame.

I am not forgetting to mention about Shameless Shahu, whose music was OK but at times he was too loud on the keyboard. Anthony de Velim was very strong on the trumpet which was a support to the musicians.

There is so much to write, which I am sure KGTS will certainly have lot to learn before putting up another show. but at the moment it is R.I.P KGTS.

I am asking the President if i have indulged in getting free publicity by publishing rotten baseless stories on the net, then let KGTS answer me.

A disapointed Tiatr Lover

Goans Worldwide - 3. By Valmiki Faleiro.

Goans worldwide-3
By Valmiki Faleiro

Diplomats, okay, but Goan economists worldwide? Incredibly, their list is long! From
Dr. Peter Pinto of Sangolda (born 1915, represented India at many world bodies) to
Victor Menezes (b.1949, actually an IIT engineer like his father Manuel who was
perhaps India’s first non-ICS chairman of the Railway Board.)

Goanetter Mervyn Lobo says he knew at least one Goan in Mongolia … an IT techie
who ran a Tanzania/Goa-centric website from Ulan Bator! Mervyn adds, “Canadian
companies run hotels, with Goan staff in every one of them, in every Caribbean
island-nation, including Cuba. Two years ago, while in Belize, I bumped into another
Dar-es-Salaam Goan in the tourist industry there.

“I know a Goan in Toronto who had a Tanzanian Govt scholarship to study in what is
either the Czech Republic or Slovenia today. If Slovenia, for sure he must have spent
time across the border, in the birthplace of Pilsner! As for the ex-Soviet republics,
while working for a military contractor in Tanzania, I’ve lived in Tashkent-Uzbekistan
and Kiev-Ukraine. There were fluent Russian speakers from the Indian Air Force
being trained in both those cities. I’d expect at least a handful of Goans in that group.

“As Vivian DSouza pointed out, there have been Goans in Afghanistan. More
recently, one born in Dar-es-salaam was on contract with the US Army. That avenue
would open opportunities for Goans to live in many of the other ex-Soviet republics
that now host bases for the US armed forces.
“Lastly, I know two Goan lady teachers who worked in Nepal with the late King’s
family. They told me astounding stories of incest in the former royal family and of
them (the teachers) having to leave the room, heads bowed down and backwards,
when any royal showed up. I’d love to hear of a Goan who was in Bhutan. All in all,
not a bad achievement for a bunch of coastal people with a little education...”

Ana Maria de Souza-Goswami and Menin Rodrigues spoke of Goans in Karachi.
Ashley D'silva told about a Goan company under the flagship “FarReaching” active in
China, HongKong and Dubai. Mumbai-born, Mombasa-bred ecologist Darrell
Sequeira, with a doctorate from, and living in, Finland was Chief Technical Advisor
for UN projects in Guyana, Cambodia, Thailand and China. Michael Ali said that the
uncle of the only Goan victim of 9/11, Karachi-born Bernard Mascarenhas who had
migrated to Canada in 1978, Fr. Bonnie Mendes, is now posted in Bangkok.Mervyn adds, “in Africa, be assured that Goans lived or live in all 53 countries. In
countries where the Jesuits and more recently, the Salesians operate, there are
Goan priests or nuns, or both.”

Frederick Noronha refers to a Goan nun in Upper Volta (Burkina Faso), not far from
the West African city of Timbuktu. “Now how remote can that get!” exclaims Noronha.
Sr. Margaret Correa hails from Moira.

In his book (see last paragraph below), J. Clement Vaz talks of Goan bishops all over
the Portuguese world since 1643. (Even if in Goa, we had our first only after 1961!)

Alumni of Asia’s oldest allopathic medical school (founded in Goa in 1691) fanned
out to the world and gained repute. Prof. (Dr.) George M. Moraes wrote that when
Mumbai’s Grant Medical College started in 1845, no less than half the graduates of
the first batch were Goans, including the more renowned Bhau Daji Lad. He added
that Justice Kashinath Trimbak Telang was the first Indian Vice-Chancellor of the
Bombay University, Dr. Bhau Lad the first Indian Sheriff and Bal Manguesh Wagle
the first Barrister.

“After Goans had found the wheel,” wrote Prof. Moraes, (the refrain seemed to be)
“Roll on, oh wheel, go forth and conquer!”

Talk of any specialized field of human endeavour, and check if there was no Goan in
one or the other coordinates of this spherical globe.

Other than those named above (chiefly Frederick Noronha), I acknowledge the
assistance received from Fr. Nascimento Mascarenhas now in Margao, Dr. Jose
Colaco in Nassau, the book “Profiles of Eminent Goans” by late J. Clement Vaz
(Concept Publishing Co., New Delhi, 1997, ISBN: 81-7022-619-8) and posts on the
subject at Moira-Net and Goanet. (Concludes.)