December 1, 2010


Portuguese ruled Goa for about 450 years, now it’s been five decades since the end of the colonial rule but are we really free today ? It is true, we just cannot say that colonialism is of the past but it’s also true that people did not support it then nor do we support it now. The dictatorial regime was overwhelmed by the rule of pseudo secular democracy, wherein special status was promised, but fifty years down the line yet to be granted and our so called freedom fighters see on wrong init

Majority of India was a colony of the British, but the magnanimity and the frequency of atrocities committed by the British were never enacted in Goa. In Goa we were fortunate to be ruled by the Portuguese rather than by the British. The Portuguese gave us a distinct Identity, if not for the Portuguese we might well have been like any other costal entity like the Vengurla, Ratnagiri, Chiplun or some wadi for that matter. As we have often heard, Goa was never a part to the Indian Constitution, because Goa was still under the Portuguese rule when the Constitution was drafted, formulated and made supreme law. To be precise Goans did not have a say in the Constitution of India. The Goan culture was never and is still not, compatible with the rest of the Indian culture.

During the Portuguese rule we never had a worry, as law was implemented with uniformity and in earnest, but what we have inherited from India in the last five decades is the corrupt law of the jungle, which has put the very existence of Goans in jeopardy. India’s wealth was plundered by the British, some auctioned and a lot is still decorating the British Monarchy, whereas most of the wealth taken by the Portuguese has been returned back to Goa. The British and their boats are welcome to India anytime but our so called freedom fighters think it’s imprudent for the Portuguese to even cast their shadow over Goa ? Why may I ask Mr. Karmali ?

For a true authentic freedom fighter, fight for freedom does not end with a change in political scenario, true freedom is not just victory over imperial colonial rule. True freedom is, freedom from religious fanaticism, bigotry, casts, creeds, oppression, slavery, corruption, violation of our basic human rights and above all our freedom and our right to breathe clean fresh air, drink clean water and eat unadulterated food. Only when we attain these we can say we have attained freedom, if not the fight should still continue.

Our so called freedom fighters are become deaf, dumb and blind, they see, hear or speak no evil against their masters, the corrupt government or their uncanny assault on our environment, as long as they get their dole they are not worried about the future of Goa and Goans. It’s only when it comes to the Portuguese names or any interaction with them, that our so called freedom fighter babus seem to get their perfectly pleated dhotis into a twist, they have somehow made themselves immune to the desecration and the decapitation of Goa, and have the audacity to call themselves freedom fighters.

In Goa very Tom, Dick and Harry claims to be a freedom fighter. If not for they dole, Oh Goa, I would envy you ! Few days earlier there was a highly published cleansing ceremony by our freedom fighters, in doing so the water of the Arabian sea must have been further polluted, if at all cleansing was need, it should have been done when our beaches were under the attack of the tar balls. It would have indeed been very significant. All over the world freedom fighters are highly regarded and well taken care off, because their brave deed have been seen and vouched for but here in Goa it’s difficult to differentiate, if it’s all chaff or weeds or wheat !

Freddy Agnelo Fernandes,
Nuem, Cabo-de-Rama – Goa.
Dubai - UAE.

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